Panoramic View Towers (PVT)

These Products were designed for an observation of a particular tourist site or historical part of the city from a height of 50-70 meters. The Panoramic View Tower is not an amusement ride. It allows visitors to observe tourist sites and urban landscapes of interest to them from an unusual angle, to cover them with a look in general, make unforgettable photos and video materials.

The rising observation deck – CAPSULE with visitors – rises along the 65 meters high mast of the tower and simultaneously rotates around the axis of the mast providing visitors with the opportunity to observe the panorama that opens in front of them during the full cycle of capsule’s lifting and lowering.

Glazing of the cabin is made of high-strength glass.

Towers have several advantages over traditional Ferris wheels.

These include:

– a convenient positioning of visitors that allows them to observe the panorama directly in front of them during the full cycle of lifting and lowering of the capsule. In comparison visitors of Ferris wheels are forced to look over the shoulder of their cabin neighbor. In addition, the structural elements of a Ferris wheel interfere with unobstructed observation during a half of a cycle;

– a relatively small land area (from 100 sq.m.) that is required for installing of the Tower. This greatly increases the likelihood of installing the Tower in close proximity to a particular tourist facility in areas of dense buildings;

– the Tower’s mast merges with the sky and practically does not change the appearance of the urban landscape from any angle. This is due to a selection of a color scheme of the mast and the size of the mast section (no more than 4 meters) in contrast to Ferris wheels’ diameter of 50-60 meters.

The Tower’s capsule contains:

– an audio system (audio guide) operating in five major European languages and synchronized with a change in the angle of rotation of the capsule and with the height during its lifting;

– a video image that can be superimposed on the external glazing of the capsule on which visitors will be able to see how the terrain has been changing over the centuries;

– climate control system that makes it possible to operate the tower year-round.

  • Capsule lifting height, meters (no more than) – 70
  • Duration of a cycle, minutes (not less than) – 10
  • The number of cycles per hour (no more than) – 6
  • Number of seats, people (no more than) – 50
  • Productivity, people per hour – 300
  • Energy consumption, kW / h (no more than) – 75
  • Overall dimensions, meters: diameter – 10 (26*), height – 78
  • Weight, tons (no more than) – 60 (100*)
  • Area for placement, square meters (no more than) – 80 (500*)
  • Operating temperature range, Celsius – from, С0 – от – 20 до + 40
  • System of musical and excursion accompaniment
  • Ambient Lighting System – Illuminatio

* Commercial premises can be installed at the base of the Tower.

Entertainment Complex – Panoramic View Tower (EC – PVT)

EC PVT combines entertainment, cognitive and gastronomic components into a single technological complex.

The Panoramic View Tower (PVT) refers to the major part of the complex. At the base of the PVT:

  • 70 seats restaurant;
  • flowers and souvenirs stalls;
  • box office;
  • waiting room;
  • elevator for disabled visitors;
  • cloakroom, WCs, utility and technical rooms


Vienna (Austria) – Entertainment complex – Panoramic View Tower (EC PVT)