Panoramic View Towers (PVT)

These Products are intended for viewing a specific tourist site or historical part of the city from a height of 50-70 meters. An observation tower is not an attraction that people use for a ride it is a product that provides tourists with opportunity to look at sites and urban landscapes of their interest from an unusual angle, to take a look at them as a whole and to take unforgettable photos and video materials.

The observation deck (capsule) with visitors on it moves along 65 m height mast of the Tower. The capsule simultaneously rotates around the axis of the mast allowing visitors to view the panorama opening before them during the entire cycle of raising and lowering.

The capsule is glazed with a high-strength glass.

Towers have a number of advantages over traditional Ferris wheels.

These include:

– a convenient allocation for visitors allows them to view the panorama opening directly in front of them throughout the entire cycle of raising and lowering the capsule. In contrast in most Ferris wheels visitors are forced to look not in front of them but over the shoulder of their neighbor in the cabin. In addition, the very structural elements of the Wheel interfere with unhindered observation during the half of a cycle;

– the Tower can be installed on a 100 square meters area which is significantly less comparing to an area required for a Ferris wheel’s installation. This drastically increases the possibility of installing the Tower in the close proximity to a particular tourist site in a densely built-up areas;

– the color scheme of the Tower is chosen so that its mast merges with the sky. In addition,  it practically does not effect the appearance of the urban landscape at any angle since the cross-section of the mast does not exceed 4 meters unlike Ferris wheels with a diameter of 50-60 meters.

The capsule contains:

– an audio system (audio guide) which operates in five major European languages. It is synchronized with changes in the angle of rotation as well as the height of the rise of the capsule;

– a video image can be superimposed on the external glazing of the capsule in which visitors can see how the terrain revealed during ascent has changed over the centuries;

– a climate control system makes it possible to operate the tower year-round.

  • Capsule lifting height, no more than – 70 m
  • Cycle duration, no less than – 10 min
  • Number of cycles per hour, no more than – 6
  • Number of seats, no more than – 50 ppl
  • Productivity – 300 ppl/h
  • Energy consumption, no more than – 75 kW/h
  • Overall dimensions: diameter – 10 m(26*m), height – 78 m
  • Weight, no more than – 60 t (100* t)
  • Area for placement, no more than – 80 sq. m (500* sq. m)
  • Operating temperature range – from -20 C ° to +40 C °
  • System of musical and excursion accompaniment
  • External lighting system – illumination

* Commercial premises can be located on the basis of the BCO.

Entertainment Complex – Panoramic View Tower (EC – PVT)

EC PVT is a symbiosis of entertainment, educational and gastronomic components which are combined into a single technological complex.

The heart of the complex is the Panoramic View Tower (PVT). At the foundation of the PVT there are premises accommodating the following:

  • 70 seats restaurant;
  • kiosks with flowers and souvenirs;
  • cash register;
  • waiting room for the PVT visitors;
  • elevator for people with disabilities;
  • dressing rooms, restrooms, utility and technical units.