Observation Tower with a rising mast

The design of the tower includes the observation deck (capsule) for 50 people that rises to a height of 50-70 meters.

This model of the Observation Tower (OT) has no analogues in the world. Its design is patented in all EU countries.

A distinctive feature of the technical design of the tower refers to the capsule that is lifted with the rising mast.

When the mast is lowered the height of such a structure does not exceed 4-7 meters. This allows for the tower to be installed at the places where UNESCO restrictions apply regarding the height of new buildings and structures in order to preserve existing historical urban landscapes.

The proposed design makes it possible to install the Observation Tower in close proximity to significant tourist sites that are the heritage of all mankind and are of great interest to tourists.

Installing such products in any tourist city will allow:

  • diversify tourists’ impressions of visiting it;
  • become an additional attraction and decoration of the city.
  • will contribute to the implementation of UNESCO’s main objectives:
  • preserving the heritage of humanity. Part of the profits from the activities of towers installed near specific tourist sites can be used to finance work related to their conservation;
  • popularization of human heritage sites. Most definitely, such products will additionally attract people’s attention to a particular tourist site.
  • Capsule lifting height, no more than – 70 m
  • Cycle duration, not less than – 10 min
  • Number of cycles per hour, no more than – 6
  • Number of seats, not less than – 50 ppl
  • Productivity – 300 ppl / h
  • Energy consumption, no more than – 75 kW/h
  • Overall dimensions: diameter – 12 m, height – 7 m
  • Weight, no more than – 80 t
  • Area for placement, no more than – 120 sq. m
  • Operating temperature range – from -20 C° to + 40 C°
  • Music and excursion accompaniment system
  • External lighting system – illumination
Visualization of operation of the “Observation Tower with rising mast"
Adapting the appearance of the Observation Tower to the surrounding architectural ensemble