Observation Tower (OT) with rising mast - Art Project

The Tower’s construction comprises of the observation deck (capsule) that can lift of up to 50 visitors to a height of up to 50-70 meters.

This model of the Observation Tower (OT) has no world analogues. The Vista-Invest corporate group members patented the OT’s design in all EU countries.

A distinctive feature of the technical design of the Tower refers to the capsule that is installed to the upper end of the extending mast and is lifted upwards by this mast.

The height of the structure with the lowered mast does not exceed 4-7 meters. This allows installing the Tower in places where UNESCO applies restrictions regarding the height of newly installed buildings and structures in order to preserve the existing historical city landscapes.

The proposed design makes it possible to install OT in the immediate vicinity of significant tourist sites that are regarded as the heritage of all mankind and are of great interest to tourists.

The installation of such product in any tourist city will:

  • diversify tourists’ impressions of their trip;
  • become an additional attraction and decoration of the city.
  • contribute to the fulfillment of the main tasks of UNESCO:
  • preservation of the heritage of mankind. Conservation works of tourist facility can be financed by part of the profits from the operation of the Tower that is installed near this facility;
  • popularization of the heritage of mankind. Without a doubt the Tower will be an additional attraction for people’s attention to the tourist facility.
  • Capsule lifting height, meters (no more than) – 70
  • Duration of a cycle, minutes (not less than) – 10
  • The number of cycles per hour (no more than) – 6
  • Number of seats, people (no more than) – 50
  • Productivity, people per hour – 300
  • Energy consumption, kW/h (no more than) – 75
  • Overall dimensions, meters: diameter – 12, height – 7
  • Weight, tons (no more than) – 80
  • Area for placement, square meters (no more than) – 120
  • Operating temperature range, Celsius – from, – 20 до + 40
  • System of musical and excursion accompaniment
  • Ambient Lighting System – Illumination
Visualization of operation of the “Observation Tower with rising mast"
Adapting the appearance of the Observation Tower to the surrounding architectural ensemble