Ferris wheels 30-60 meters

The Ferris Wheel” – is a classic of the genre that makes it possible in comfortable conditions to admire the city views from the bird’s eye view.

The wheel heights are 30, 45 and 60 meters. The closed waiting stations with an area of more than 300 square meters is located at the base of the wheel and is used for placement of cafes, flower and souvenirs stalls, etc

Cabins mounted on wheels differ in the number of seats (4, 6, 8 and 20) and in the technical design (open and closed with triplex glazing), also rotating on their axis and rolling around the Ferris wheel (an example of which can serve cabins installed by our organisation in Batumi)


All products are equipped with climate control systems and cabins for disabled visitors.

  • Capsule lifting height, meters (no more than) – 60
  • Duration of a cycle, minutes (not less than) – 5
  • The number of cycles per hour (no more than) – 12
  • Number of seats, people (no more than) – 150
  • Productivity, people per hour – 2000
  • Energy consumption, kW / h (no more than) – 35
  • Overall dimensions, meters: diameter – up to 60, height – up 62
  • Weight, tons (no more than) – 110
  • Area for placement, square meters (no more than) – 1200
  • Operating temperature range, Celsius – from – 20 to + 40
  • System of musical and excursion accompaniment
  • Ambient Lighting System – Illumination


Ferris wheel at a height of 100 meters – Batumi (Georgia)

Ferris wheel is integrated into the skyscraper of the Georgian-American Technological University in Batumi at an altitude of 100 meters in the vertical plane of the building.

This is the world’s first example of the implementation of such an idea. Eight air-conditioned cabins can accommodate up to 70 people at a time

Ferris Wheel on the Dnieper – Cherkasy (Ukraine)

A 30 m high Ferris wheel is installed in the park Sosnovy Bor in Cherkasy (Ukraine). The wheel includes open and closed types of cabins allowing visitors to ride the wheel during the winter when the temperature drops below zero.