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Investments in art projects of the global tourism market


The object of investment is the program for the production and installation of panoramic view towers with a rising mast in close proximity to significant tourist sites included those listed as heritage of humanity.

The project involves worldwide installation of the panoramic view towers with a rising telescopic mast and with the capsule that is installed on the upper end of the mast and that has capacity for up to 130 people. The capsule can be lifted to a height of up to 70 meters. When the mast is folded and its elements are installed below ground level the height of the structure does not exceed 4 meters.

This technical solution makes it possible to install such products in the immediate vicinity of a particular tourist site that has the status of a heritage of humanity without violating UNESCO regulations.

These products are infrastructural elements of the global market for the provision of tourism services. In addition, products’ unique technical design along with the ability to take any stylistic form will decorate any city and attract many visitors.

These products manufactured utilizing advanced technologies and modern materials and comply with all international technical regulations and safety requirements at various enterprises in Europe and Asia.

The main advantages for the investor of the project are as follows:

1. Ownership of a liquid commercial real estate – as a guarantee of return on invested funds.

2. Absence or minimization of requirements for declaring the origin of investment funds at the investment stage. Simple and clear legalization of the right to receive dividends.

3. Stability and high return on investment by receiving dividends over a long period of time. Protection from inflationary processes.

The purpose of the investment is to manufacture and install observation towers with a rising mast up to 30-70 meters high next to significant tourist sites that are considered as the Heritage of Humanity.